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Popular Questions About Garage Doors

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Popular Questions About Garage Doors

Have questions regarding garage doors? You've come to the right place. Our FAQs page consists of several answers to the most common questions we receive. Read on to find out more.

What kind of r-value should my garage door have?

R-value is the measurement of the thermal efficiency of the door, so your decision depends on your location and weather expectations. You need to remember two things: first, it's always better to get the higher possible value for optimal energy efficiency. However, the second thing you need to know and remember is that the values change in percentage increments, so an R-20 door doesn't offer double the insulation capability of an R-10 model.

Is a torsion spring better than an extension spring?

Torsion springs are superior to extension springs for several reasons. They don't extend and contract, but instead twist and unwind, which makes them able to last up to twice as long (with proper maintenance of course). Extension springs also require safety cables to be attached to them in order to ensure they stay in place when they break. However, some garages may not have a high enough headroom clearance, at which point using torsion springs won't be possible.

How can I test the safety sensors?

Regular testing of the garage door opener’s safety sensors can be conducted by following a few simple steps. First, open the door. Now order it to close, and while it's in motion, wave a broomstick in front of the photo eyes. The door should stop moving and reverse. If it doesn't, the sensors have failed in some way; they are either dirty or misaligned, and need to be checked regardless. Give us a call to have our experts take care of this problem.

What is a garage door extension spring?

There are two types of garage door springs - torsion and extension. When the latter type is installed, the system consists of two springs that are attached to the sides of the door and run parallel to the horizontal tracks. They work by stretching when the door lowers, which causes them to become loaded with tension. They then contract when the panels rise, which makes them release their stored tension and help the door move. These units are often interlaced with safety cables, which provide an anchoring point that helps keep the springs in place when they break.


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